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Valued Citizens Initiative is reliant on donations to support the sustainability of its programmes and its work with children, youth, schools and communities in South Africa.

Your contribution can help change a life today.

Help make our schools a place where young people can learn to be responsible members of society…
  • A donation of R70 000.00 will cover the cost to implement the programme with educators and SMT in one school in the province where we operate.
Give our school leavers a future…
  • R4 000 can put one Grade 11 learner or post-matriculant through the Bridging for Life Programme; and
  • R250 000 can put a school of 200 Grade 11 learners through the Bridging for Life Programme
Inspire our future generations of women leaders…
  • A donation of R700 000 will enable 100 girl learners from 10 high schools to participate in the iNSPIRE Programme who in turn impact, on average, 10 000 learners in their schools.
Give our children a brighter future…
  • R2 850 will help one child in conflict with the law to choose a new path in life through the iCHOOSE Programme.

My Valued Diary

  • R99 000.00 per school for 1000 learners or R99 per child in a school

You can make a donation of any amount directly into our bank account.

VCI Banking Details

Please contact us to let us know about your donation, so that we can issue you with a proof of donation. You can use this when tax season comes around.

Account name: Valued Citizens Initiative
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Norwood
Branch Number: 004 105
Account Type: Savings
Account Number: 205 452 353

International Donors

International donors please use the following swift code when making donations: SBZAJJ 004105
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Latest News


On October 13th 2017, Tata Africa Holdings and Valued Citizens Initiative awarded 87 Grade 12 learners after they completed Bridging for Life, a two year leadership programme.

Selected because of their willpower to change their lives after writing a letter of motivation, 100 learners were taken through a journey of self-discovery. They learned to understand their DNA relating to their values, their strengths and weaknesses, and how better to manage their emotions and stand for what they believe in. They then learned soft skills such as self-management, self-leadership, communication, and emotional intelligence (EQ) through experiential learning. Read more...

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