Good Governance and Structure

Legal status Section 18A – NPC
Registration Number 017-015NPO
Date of Registration August 2001
Physical Address The Palms Office Park First Floor Block E
391 Main Street Ferndale
E-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact Person Carole Podetti Ngono – Founder and Managing Director
Telephone number 011 781 9462
Fax number 011 787 4474
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To ensure good governance of the organisation, members are co-opted annually to the Board of Directors. Quarterly Board meetings are held with the Managing Director to review and approve operational plans, programmes and expenditure by the organisation. Moreover the Board holds an annual general and strategy meeting.

The Board of Directors is divided into four sub-committees that are:

  • Monitoring and Programme Evaluation
  • Human Resources, Remuneration and Legal
  • Finances, Audit and Information Technology
  • Marketing, Fundraising and Communication
These sub-committees set the targets and performance indicators for each focus area and are required to report back to the Board of Directors at each quarterly meeting on progress and development against these targets.

As 80% of our staff members were first beneficiaries, they are driven by passion to deliver our programmes, focused on quality and sustainable impact. Our Monitoring and Evaluation meetings with partners occur quarterly in line with the performance indicators and outcomes agreed upon.

We track beneficiaries from 2 to 4 years which allows for accurate reporting on the sustainability of our programmes. Our systematic monitoring throughout the year with tools which are sharpened every year ensure accurate transparency on results. This process enables us to improve on how we deliver our programmes and to answer to the need with relevance.

Equity Plan

Date of Appointment Name Position Profession
21/08/2001 Roger Glover Board member White M CEO Glover Inc.
23/06/2015 Azania Muendane Board member African F Producer Consultant
21/11/2013 Nicholas Maweni Chairperson African M Consultant in marketing and CSI
12/02/2007 Stephanie Vermeulen Board member White F CEO EQ Training
21/04/2009 Lerato Ratsoma Deputy Chairperson African F MD at Empowerdex
23/06/2015 Sechaba Hlahatsi Board member African M MD Dikopane Human Resources
01/07/2016 Ditebogo Modiba Treasurer African F CFO MMI Holding
22/08/2013 Nomfundo Mgwebi Deputy Treasurer African F Senior Treasury Manager RAF

Male Female
Position Black Coloured White Indian Black Coloured White Indian
Director     1
Programme co-ordinators 2    
Clinical Social Worker and Psychologist 1      
Training Officers 5 1 1 1 9 1 5 1
Administrators     3
Volunteers 4   1
Total 12 1 1 1 13 1 6 1

Over and above VCI’s staff complement, VCI has facilitators that it contracts when the need arises.
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Latest News

My Identity Document deepening my sense of Belonging

iVALUE Identity programme in support of “Schools Rights and Lights Campaign”, in partnership with La Voix de l’Enfant and Engie Foundation, is already enabling 2069 learners above 16 from 12 public high schools to get their Identity Document and become active citizens in Gauteng.

Currently, many school children above the age of 16 in South Africa still lack access to their vital life documents such as birth certificates, and Identity Document. As a result, our children lose their sense of identity and face tremendous difficulties when wanting to exercise their rights such as enrolment in schools, writing Matric examinations, right to vote and enjoy social benefits such as being able to purchase a cell phone, search and apply for employment and lead their lives. At Olievenhoutbosch Secondary School, the principal is grateful as she was used to have a tremendous drop out of learners just because they did not have access to this vital right to an Identity Document and some felt at risk as foreigners.


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