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Bridging for Life
In March 2010, Valued Citizens Initiative developed and piloted a programme designed to address the low number of enrolments in tertiary education. The core objective of the programme is both to guide learners in their final two years of school to work at achieving good results so that they have the opportunity to access a university education, as well as to assist school leavers to pursue tertiary education and learnership.
iCHOOSE to change a life
Of those diverted by the “iCHOOSE” programme, children who show exceptional dedication and leadership potential are selected to participate in our crime prevention initiative – the iCHOOSE TO CHANGE A LIFE leadership programme.
iCHOOSE (16)
In August 2008, Valued Citizens Initiative coordinated a diversion programme called “iCHOOSE”, offering a second chance to youth between the ages of 12 and 25 years who have been involved in crime.
SIYAKHULA focuses on 40 Grade 9 girl learners and aims to create a platform in which they learn to heal their wounds and focus on their dreams and their future, empowering them with necessary skills to make appropriate life choices.
Values in Schools
Over the past ten years the Values in Schools Programme has been rolled out to public schools in four provinces across South Africa. The programme has helped to create a new mindset with citizenship values that foster change and support social cohesion in our schools.
iNSPIRE is a leadership programme focusing on Grade 9 girl learners from rural and township public schools in Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal. A partnership between Valued Citizens Initiative, Renault and GDF SUEZ, the programme's primary goal is to address the issue of gender imbalance in our society by developing and challenging girl learner's perception of self, promote emotional wellbeing and support them to expand their opportunities and grow without boundaries.
Stand Against Crime
Stand Against Crime is a crime prevention programme initiated by Valued Citizens Initiative and Computershare, with the focus of mobilizing primary school learners to prevent crime at schools and their communities by reporting and standing for our constitutional values.
Art Books & Workshops
Learners working with renowned South African artisit to develop the Leadership Fables artbook. All of the VCI art books promote our Constitutional Values and Human Rights and have become learning support materials for the Valued Citizens public schools.
Art Books & Workshops - Leadership Fables - Featuring Golden Rules from Leaders for the Youth
90 Children between the ages of 13 and 19 years participated in the project. Forewords to the book are by Dr Stephen R. Covey and Professor Mthuli Ncube. Creative direction by Isa Schwartz Gesseau; Zapiuro, Bongi Bengu and Shi-Lyn White.
Art Books & Workshops - Faces & Dynamics of Culture
To make a bigger impact the book is divided into seven themes, each one with an introduction by a leading figure on Human Rights or an iconic figure from our achievers landscape. Children’s comments on the themes are also featured and these are followed by the visual arts covering six aspects of the theme. Children between the ages of 9 and 18 years participated in the project. Thel Foreword is by Dr Z Pallo Jordan and creative direction by Isa Schwartz Gesseau; supported by Nhlanhla Mbatha and Shi-Lyn White.
Art Books & Workshops - Our Land, Our Earth, Our Values
The compilation of poems, African proverbs and visual art is in alphabetic sequence, every value and principle translated into the eleven South African official languages as well as French. It is a rich and authentic celebration of African Renaissance.
Art Books & Workshops - Celebrating Women Through the Eyes of Our Children
“Celebrating Women through the Eyes of Our Children” is a special publication, which has channeled the creative energy of children and women. The art book is a celebration of women and the many and important roles they play in our society. The book promotes gender equality and women empowerment.
Celebrating Women Achievers
Celebrating South African women achievers who continue to inspire leaners throughout South Africa.
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Latest News


Over the years there has been a deep-seated sense of loss in the hearts of society and communities regarding how certain professions, previously viewed as vocations, have lost not only their appeal but their dignity and integrity. I dare say ‘ziya jika izinto’ (things are starting to change) and we at Valued Citizens Initiative are enthralled to be at the front line of that change through our Values in the Lead professional development programme.

This month we honoured, celebrated and rewarded 149 educators and School Management Team members from 25 public primary and high schools that have completed successfully this programme. Teachers are the backbone of our society, they not only teach and mould our children but they help groom and raise our leaders. Leadership is transferrable, and through this programme we assist educators to ignite and reignite their own leadership flames in order to awaken learners they encounter.


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