Bridging for Life – A Youth walking the path to their dream career!

The Bridging for Life programme, endorsed by the Department of Higher Education and Training and piloted by Alcatel-Lucent, prepares learners for higher education and training with the teaching of essential life skills.

The results of the Class 2014 are: at Ikatisong Secondary School in Lethlabile township in North West and at Ponelopele Secondary School in Ivory Park, our Bridging for Life learners obtained a combined 96,2% pass rate! Well over the national pass rate of 75.8%! And 43% of our learners have qualified to enrol for a Bachelor of Arts, 47.3% have qualified for Diplomas and 1 in every 5 students who followed this two-year programme has obtained at least one distinction.

Most of our learners have applied at the University of Pretoria, Johannesburg and the Tshwane University of Technology amongst others. “Bridging for Life taught me to take my life seriously. It made me a better person determined to focus on my studies” - Thabang Sani, 17, Ikatisong Secondary School has applied to study an LLB (law).

The students now have the ability to dream big and achieve their dream careers. Quintres Sefala from Ponelopele Secondary School earned herself 4 distinctions and a place to study biological engineering at the University of Pretoria thanks to her newly found self-confidence and openness that the Bridging for Life programme has provided her with.
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