A Youth inspired to Lead their Lives!

It is undeniable that today major challenges affecting the youth include teenage pregnancy, abuse of substances, peer-pressure, and high vulnerability linked to poverty. Crying out to be heard, for support, and connection with positive role-models, our youth has found a platform through the iNSPIRE Programme.

The iNSPIRE Programme creates a safe space where Grade 9 girl learners heal their emotional wounds, build confidence and gain momentum as young leaders driving change in their high schools in the Free State and rural KwaZulu-Natal, thanks to GDF SUEZ and NLDTF. Valued Citizens Initiative encourages girl learners to become problem solvers, developing their capacity to detach from situations and their awareness of the role they play at times as victims, perpetrators and rescuers. Perspective and life skills provided during our two camps enabled 190 girl learners to realise that they have the power to lead their lives with values such as Love, Respect, Dignity, Responsibility and Openness.

“All these years, I never had a person whom I can openly share my concerns with. Even my parents do not listen to me as I have been listened to here!”- Cingo Ndlwayivulwa from Springlake High School. But it is not only the learners who felt the effect of change...

As 35 educators have engaged at the camp and are committed towards moulding young Valued Citizens! According to Ms Rajdev from ML Sultan High School - “The love and support you gave to our learners is amazing. I thought this is only about learners, only to find out that I am also here to be shaped for the better.” “The change that I witnessed in the children really touched me. I learnt to love and accept others as they are and to understand that each learner is different” – BM Mbedia from JSM Setiloane Secondary School.
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