Bridging for Life

Bridging for Life is a two year leadership programme tailored for Grade 11 and 12 learners with the objective of channelling our youth towards a successful enrolment in the higher education and training sector leading towards employability.

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iNSPIRE Programme

iNSPIRE is a leadership programme focusing on Grade 9 girl learners from rural and township public schools in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape and Free State Provinces.

Today iNSPIRE programme has reached 1002 grade 9 girl learners from 103 public high schools leading their iNSPIRE clubs in their respective school, having a ripple effect on 92 229 boy and girl learners through sustainable projects that iNSPIRE changes in their lives and schools. The programme's primary goal is to address the issue of gender inequalities and poverty in our communities by developing and challenging girl learners' perceptions of self, promote emotional well-being and support them to grow as young leaders in their communities becoming the positive role-models our youth long for.

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My Career, My Choice

My Career, My Choice is a career guidance programme for grade 9/10 learners with the primary objective of developing learners knowledge of self, confidence, and ability to be driven with purpose towards a career path which best suits their individual and academic abilities through various workshops and art classes enabling them to project themselves into the future.

Launched in Mpumalanga, with 51 Learners from Khayalami Secondary School and Morelig Combined School benefiting from the programme. In 2015, 50 (98%) benefiting learners passed their matric and 39 (78%) qualified to study at the university.


iVALUE is a School Enrichment programme focused on providing entrepreneurial skills to Grade 10 and 11 learners to become business-minded, and get to run a successful business. Learners are taught to be practical about an idea; learn to understand that a brand is born from a creative mindset; a business is born from failures and perseverance to continue; a successful entrepreneur is a profit-maker who can invest further into the business but also into the development of people.

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Latest News


On October 13th 2017, Tata Africa Holdings and Valued Citizens Initiative awarded 87 Grade 12 learners after they completed Bridging for Life, a two year leadership programme.

Selected because of their willpower to change their lives after writing a letter of motivation, 100 learners were taken through a journey of self-discovery. They learned to understand their DNA relating to their values, their strengths and weaknesses, and how better to manage their emotions and stand for what they believe in. They then learned soft skills such as self-management, self-leadership, communication, and emotional intelligence (EQ) through experiential learning. Read more...

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